I photograph nature while traveling throughout the northern rocky mountain region.

Currently obsessed with: wet baby kisses, unique coffee mugs, and exploring the world. 

I’m Brogan Steininger, a small-town Wyoming girl obsessed with finding the beauty in everything. I got my hands on my first camera four years ago and haven’t put it down since. Being an avid traveler, I started capturing moments along the way and found my passion for nature and wildlife. I love showing the world's natural beauty through my eyes. 

8 things i can't live without

from my camera roll

1. Wet baby kisses (& doggies kisses)
2. Early mornings
3. Family time
4. Fresh manicure
5. Cozy jammies
6. Cute, unique coffee mugs
7. Exploring the world
8. Crisp fall air

8 things i can't live without